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13 Reasons why we love Black Cats

It is no secret that black cats at rescue centres are often the last to find homes. Various myths and superstitions have had their part to play in aggravating this problem. However, recent news has shed light on an even more absurd reason for shunning these feline beauties. Black cats are getting left behind simply because they don’t look good in photos.

We beg to differ! Besides pictures, they make a wonderful additon to any home.

Here are our top 13 reasons why black cats are fabulous:

  1. They’ll teach you to be an awesome photographer! Why can’t we put a positive spin on the selfie challenge? Improve your photography skills with a black cat, be mindful of light intensity and direction and tweak your camera settings to get the best out of a shot.

  1. Oh my goodness, look at those eyes! You won’t have to take too many photos before you’ll realise that black cats do in fact look beautiful on film. Their gorgeous bright eyes contrast perfectly with their sleek, black fur for the perfect puss in boots gaze.

  1. Black goes with every colour. That’s right. Any collar. Any ribbon. Even any bow tie.

  1. They’re sleek, they’re elegant. They’re basically mini panthers.

  1. A black cat will stay healthier for longer. The gene that leads to a black coat has also been linked to a greater resistance to disease.

  1. They´re actually lucky. The Scottish believe they signify prosperity and they're generally considered lucky in England and Japan. Sailors and fisherman also preferred to have black cats on board in the hope that they would bless their ships with good tidings.

  1. Some would say unlucky But perhaps you've been having trouble with cold callers knocking at your door? Why not let your black cat our to cross their path?

  1. Space cats! The space shuttle program thought black cats were so good they created a mission patch featuring a black cat and the number 13. The mission was a success. If they're good enough for NASA...

  1. Boost your love life. In Japan, it is believed that a single woman who owns a black cat is likely to attract more suitors.

  1. Variety is the spice of life. According to The Cat Fanciers' Association, there are more breeds of black cat than any other colour. A whole twenty one of them!

  1. Natural highlights Black cats sometimes go brown in the sun, a phenomenon known as rusting. That´s basically two cats for the price of one.

  1. Trick or Treat. Always Halloween ready.

  1. Black Cat Day! No other cat has it´s own appreciation day. National Black day in the UK is the 27th October and 17th August in the USA.

And we think they're just the best!