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Cat collars, what types can you get?

At Digibell we have scoured the internet to put togeter a comprehensive list of the differnet types of collars available for your cat. We are sure there will be something here for any budding collar buyer!

  • Standard Nylon Safety Release Collar

This is the most popular and commonly used cat collar. It is adjustable, has a safety release buckle and is available in a vast quantity of colours, patterns and styles. They generally come with a traditional bell but this is easily removed so you can attach the Digibell. Nylon collars typically cost around £3-5.

  • Silver Reflective Safety Collar

This is a best selling no frills collar. Best selling because it’s only £3. It's reflective which is useful for road safety and adjustable to suit most cats. It also comes with a bell but this is easily removed. As a safety release collar it should keep your cat safe from getting snagged. Be sure to test this feature before you attach it to your cat.

  • Flea Collar

Cat Flea Collars contain an insecticide that kills fleas on your cat and prevents their return for up to 4 months. They can be fitted to kittens over 12 weeks old and like almost all collars.

  • Calming Collar

Calming Collars for cats effectively reduce problem behaviour arising from stressful situations in cats of all breeds and ages, using Valerian and Lavender. This relaxes the cat and helps reduce stress. Typically used when your cat is travelling, but can also be used taking a cat to the vet, the cattery or on firework night.

  • Traditional Buckle

This is an ancient design that has withstood the test of time. One study recently showed that in some cases the traditional buckle design was the safest for a cat to wear, although we still recommend a safety release collar whenever possible. Many version of this design are available, and for all budgets. Chealsea Cats offer a large range of quality leather collars with prices starting from around £35.

  • Beastie Band

Beastie Band Cat Collars are designed to be comfortable. They are are made of soft and stretchy neoprene. It's lightweight, stretches for safety and an be cut to size. So getting a great custom fit is easy whether you have a tiny kitten or a 'couch potato' kitty. This collar yypically measures around 30cm (12") long without being stretched and features a velcro closure with a metal eyelet for attaching ID tags.

  • Golden Vine

The Golden Vine Luxury Cat Collar, is one of a number available from coolcatcollars.co.uk. It's a metallic looking gold, red and green with black embroidery in a trailing vine design. This is a wider than average 12mm collar made with jacquard ribbon backed with black webbing for strength and durability.

  • Velvet

Vibrant cherry red cat collar with velvet inside and out. This is a very flexible and soft cat collar, made from just 2 layers of velvet with no stiffening material. Designed for the comfort of a discerning cat with a delicate neck.

  • Diamante

No list would be complete without mentioning Diamante. This particular collar is made from black leather with clear diamond-like crystals. This really is a cat collar for a kitty with decadent tastes.

  • Handmade

If custom made apparel is your thing then etsy have a huge selection of custom handmade collars. The collar pictured is a Unique genuine leather cat collar dyed by hand sold by EYHcraft. There are of course many others available on Etsy.


Happy Collar Hunting!