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Cryptokitties: Cryptocurrency and your cat

Kitties on the internet

While we all know that the internet is mostly pictures and videos of cats, who would have thought the world of crypto currency would be taken over by the furry felines too!

CryptoKitties are not a CryptoCurrency, They are traded in a game that operates on a crypto currency network called Ethereum.


Buy, Sell, Breed

In a nutshell you collect and breed digital cats, each CryptoKitty is unique and owned by you, the user, you can interact with them and breed!

Some of the parents ‘Cattributes’ are passed down to its offspring. How often you can breed depends on the kitty and how many babies its had. You sometimes get rare and mutant kitties when you breed.
Certain traits are rarer than others. If you have a kitten with rare traits you could potentially trade it to another willing player for a lot of currency. This has created a booming market where people are trading in volumes and spending more in search of kittens with those rare traits.

The popularity of CyrptoKitties was enough to grind Etherium almost to a halt when it was released in November 2017. The sheer volume of trades between kitty owners meant that everyone using the etherium network experienced issues.


Yours for the price of a house

CryptoKitties has been an overnight success and the first week saw millions of dollars in trades.The most expensive kitty so far sold for a puurfectly reasonable $113 thousand dollars. If this seems like madness to you, then you are not alone.

However for those with a more modest budget, the CryptoKitty website has a marketplace where you can see all the kitties available, with many going for less than $10.

How to get your own

In the USA its an easy process to start trading kitties. If your elsewhere in the world and you don’t already have some bitcoin then you will need to get some first, and convert this to ether, which is the currency used on the etherium network.

According to the makers there will eventually be 4 billion CryptoKitties, lets hope all those CryptoBirds are safe from all those CryptoKitties!

Their website can be found at www.cryptokitties.co